Troubled American Apparel, Resort’s commercial power, Mulberry’s Asian growth spurt, Ted Baker upbeat, Craft and clout

Don C

Dov Charney of American Apparel | Source: Dov Charney

Why American Apparel is going out of fashion (Independent)
“After years of headlines about sexually charged advertising and accusations of sexual harassment on the part of the company’s eccentric founder, Dov Charney, American Apparel looks like it is going down the way it came up: in a blaze of controversy.”

A Winter Break Is Now the Longest Season in Fashion (NY Times)
“A resort collection used to be the equivalent of staring at pictures of Bali when you lived in Kansas…. But now, like so many other things… resort has become a huge commercial entity.”

Handbag maker Mulberry sees more growth on Asian demand (Reuters)
“Luxury fashion firm Mulberry Group shrugged off economic gloom, saying it expected further sales growth ahead after a strong set of full-year results… retail sales in the first ten weeks of the current year were up 36 percent.”

Ted Baker upbeat as revenues climb (Guardian)
“[Ted Baker] is upbeat about its prospects despite the current consumer uncertainty and the prospect of tax rises and spending cuts. The company has announced an 18% increase in revenues… with the UK doing well and its overseas markets continuing to improve.”

Crafts, Clothes and Clout (WSJ)
“Towering brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton may dominate ad pages and storefronts, but small designers are gaining a bigger foothold in fashion. What Sundance did for indie film… web sites like Etsy are doing for the little guys of design.”