Berlin’s best, Fashioning free phones, Seeking China’s Lagerfeld, Gaultier’s treasure, Valentino in the black?

La Mode Berlin (WSJ)
“The city’s edgy, sexy vibe was evident on Wednesday as German designers kicked off Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week, which runs through Saturday. Getting on the world’s fashion map isn’t easy, but Berlin is trying.”

American Eagle Promotes Apparel With Free Phones (WSJ)
“Teen retailers in particular have struggled against gadget makers for control of younger buyers’ wallets. Since the recession, cash-strapped teens have opted to spend what little discretionary income they have on electronics, forcing retailers to compete heavily on price.”

Fashion Industry Waiting For China’s Karl Lagerfeld (Jing Daily)
“We’ve covered the gradual appearance of Chinese design cues in recent collections by top Western fashion and luxury houses, but what’s the status of China’s home-grown designers? When will we see them on the global stage?”

National Treasure (IHT)
“There comes a moment when a great designer moves from being a creative force to a national treasure. With his haute couture show Wednesday, Jean Paul Gaultier took that step.”

Valentino May Be Profitable in 2010; Permira Committed (Bloomberg)
“‘If we are moving ahead at this speed and the economic situation is fine, we can reach good results very soon,’…. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization ‘could be positive’ this year.”