Couture jewelry, New Creative Director at Lacroix, Armani slumps, Prada’s secret Chinese shareholder, Rocha II

Chaumet tu m'aimes ring | Source: Chaumet

Chaumet tu m'aimes ring | Source: Chaumet

Jewelry With Stories to Tell (IHT)
“You don’t need 3-D glasses for the sculpted shapes to stand out and the colors to pop. But the high jewelry that had an open day during last week’s haute couture season is finely tuned to the latest fashion.”

Christian Lacroix’s New Creative Director is Up for the Challenge (Fashionista)
“Besides Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, there is no designer in the world with a more enviable/terrifying job than Sacha Walckhoff, the new creative director at Christian Lacroix.”

Armani Sales, Profit Fall Amid Downturn (WSJ)
“Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani said Monday its sales and profit dropped last year amid a consumer-spending slump brought on by the economic crisis… sales fell 6% to €1.52 billion ($1.92 billion) from €1.62 billion a year earlier.”

Prada says Chinese tycoon’s share-buying talk is unfounded (Chanelnewsasia)
“A Chinese tycoon has been quietly buying up shares in Italian fashion house Prada SpA in a bid to become the biggest shareholder, his company said on Monday, but Prada in Italy denied this as being completely unfounded.”

London Fashion Week prepares to welcome its second famous Rocha (Independent)
“With London Fashion Week just two months away, the hunt is on for the next British-based design star… the daughter of the designer John Rocha, among the young names hoping to catch the eye of international fashion press and buyers.”