Magazines’ digital future, Luxe spending holds steady, Rich recovery stalls, Digital discovery, Luxottica Palace

Interactive Shopping: In Style Boutique | Source: Mashable

Interactive Shopping: In Style Boutique | Source: Mashable

How the Fashion Magazine Industry Plans to Profit from Digital This Fall (Mashable)
“Fashion magazines are poised to make a big comeback in ad sales in 2010 — but the recovered revenue may not come from print sales. Instead, the publishers of major U.S. fashion magazines are ramping up their digital and mobile offerings.”

Spending on luxury goods holds up (FT)
“Half of all respondents expected to see a decline in their sales in 2009, and yet 38 per cent saw volume increases. This year, nearly 90 per cent of research participants are expecting sales to rise, and one in three is forecasting growth of 10 per cent or more.”

Recovery Stalls for the Rich (WSJ)
“The number of millionaire investors who plan net decreases in their investments rose to the highest point since June 2009. Nearly two-thirds plan no changes. They are keeping more than a third of their fortunes in cash, and they are reducing their holdings of stocks, bonds, mutual funds.”

The Digital Exploration of Luxury Brands (Fashion’s Collective)
“When a consumer has an amazing experience with a brand, this facilitates the emotional connection that leads to loyal customers, high customer retention and high referral rates.”

Eyewear, With a Bit of Disney and a Touch of Apple (NY Times)
“A wind tunnel. A concierge. A store that’s shaped like an eyeball. It doesn’t exactly sound like an eyeglasses retailer, but then, it’s not supposed to… Luxottica, the $6.6 billion eyewear company… is experimenting with a concept store.”