BoF Exclusive | Natalie Massenet shows us how Net-a-Porter works its magic

LONDON, United KingdomNatalie Massenet wowed them. Thousands of people tuned in for our second FASHION PIONEERS event — literally from all corners of the earth — joining the 200 strong sell-out crowd packed tightly into the stadium seating theatre in Net-a-Porter’s 44,000 square foot headquarters in West London. Throughout the evening and afterwards, questions and commentary came in quickly via our hashtag #BoFLive, reflecting on all of the inspiring things Ms. Massenet had to say.

The discussion touched on all the hot topics from the Net-a-Porter hive and beyond, including Mr Porter, the Richemont acquisition, bloggers vs. editors, the outdated fashion cycle, and more. But the undoubted highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the Net-a-Porter iPad application — a global BoF exclusive — via a 3 minute film screened to both livestream viewers and the live audience. As the announcement of the iPad application’s launch was made, a few enterprising audience members were already downloading the application, which had just been added to Apple’s iTunes store.

As for the BoF editorial team, we are still in reflective mode — there was a lot to take in from the rich discussion. So while we compile the edited highlights of the 60 minute conversation with Natalie (thank you for your patience!) and compose our thoughts on the key takeaways, we wanted to share an exclusive video which was screened at the beginning of the night’s festivities, providing a sneak peek behind-the-scenes to see exactly how Net-a-Porter works its magic, in the voice of its inspiring founder. (Email and RSS Subscribers, you can see the video here.)

We will be posting a video with the highlights of the interview next week, so stay tuned! And thanks again to our wonderful streaming partners who helped to make the event a global one, the amazing team at Net-a-Porter, and of course, Natalie Massenet.

Fashion Pioneers was brought to you exclusively by The Business of Fashion and was filmed by Pundersons Gardens

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  1. Great video, nice little insight into behind the scenes.

    Lauren from London, London, United Kingdom
  2. Shall you publish the whole interview eventually?

    would be a great decision!

    thx for your fantastic job anyway

    myla from Conflans-sainte-honorine, Île-de-France, France
  3. thanks to my net acting up, i missed quite a few parts of the interview and gave up towards the end..

    Please post the entire interview!!

    Dhruv from New Delhi, Delhi, India
  4. What a great little peek inside..

    Pho from Atlanta, GA, United States
  5. I would like to say thank you to both Natalie & Imran for a truly wonderful & inspirational event. The NAP offices are breathtaking and Natalie a beautiful, elegant business woman. Thank you so much

    Leelee from Kingston Upon Hull, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom
  6. Thank you for sharing again this part of the business world and more!
    Thank you all! Gracias muchas gracias!

    Beatriz Mateo from Bayonne, NJ, United States
  7. Thank you Imran for this great peek into Net-a-Porter. The offices have some similarities with Gucci, where I used to work. Natalie definitely has brains and beauty!

  8. There is *something* about Massenet that exudes so much warmth in such a corporate environment.

    Just amazing, beautiful and brilliant.

    Thanks Imran!

  9. I cant seem to find the edited hightlights video on this link?can you please advise where to find it on the website??many thanks!

    Jane Ivic from Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia