Chinese JVs on the rise, Affluent consumer species, Wealthy Web 2.0, Social media lessons, Hats off to Jane Taylor

Shoppers in Shanghai | Source: ChinaLuxCultureBiz

Global Luxury Brands Abandon Chinese Partners (Business China)
“In addition to taking direct control of stores in China, luxury brands are hoping to boost profits by tailoring new product lines to the meet local consumer tastes, and moving their manufacturing bases to China or other Asian countries with low labor costs.”

The Four Species of Wealthy Consumers (WSJ)
“A doctoral student and two professors have been studying luxury goods and their “brand prominence”–how noticeable a brand or logo is on a product. They tried to figure out what types of consumers want.”

Wealthy Web 2.0: Social Media’s Richest Audiences (Signature 9)
“When it comes to social sites, where are the wealthy spending time? On Facebook and YouTube primarily, but also reading blogs, tweeting or on the professional network LinkedIn.”

Social media failure should be embraced not feared (Biz Report)
“Social media marketing is still in an experimentation phase, with success and failures. Marketers should embrace the failures, as well as the successes, in order to learn what drives the best results and to formulate future campaigns.”

Hats Off (
“Jane Taylor is the millinery world’s latest star… Taylor’s timeless and flattering pieces fuse her love of classic shapes with innovative, new millinery techniques.”