Authenticity’s worth, Luxe rebound, Gareth Pugh’s retail debut, Singer shakes it up, Givenchy and Lea T break barriers

Cravates Hermès | Source: Vintage Linens

Why Do We Care About Luxury Brands? (Wired)
“There’s now suggestive evidence that our faith in the authentic – especially when the authenticity is supported by effective marketing campaigns – is a deep seated human instinct, which emerges at an extremely early age.”

Champagne corks popping again in luxury business (AFP)
“Champagne corks are popping again in the luxury business as “It” bags and expensive watches this year sell like hotcakes from Beijing to New York, signalling the turning of a page after the global financial crisis.”

Pugh’s Store Debut (
“Because it was my first store, I knew I had to do something that was very me… I went back to my runway shows and thought, ‘what could be more me than a black box?”

Sally Singer Makes First Major Hires at T (Fashionologie)
“It doesn’t appear that Sally Singer will be pillaging the ranks of Vogue — or even Conde Nast, for that matter — when it comes to stocking her team at T.”

The fashion world’s first transsexual supermodel (Guardian)
“If this Brazilian bombshell is causing such a stir it is perhaps because there is more to her than meets the eye. Lea T was born Leandro and, as well as being a model and a muse, she is an out and proud transsexual.”