China’s top bloggers, Frugality in fashion, The enduring espadrille, Battle brewing for NYFW, Smith’s new virtues

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China’s Fashion Bloggers: Five to Watch (Jing Daily)
“In the US and the UK, fashion bloggers have long been considered ahead-of-the-curve influencers… With China’s growing appetite for luxury, there’s room for China’s fashion bloggers to gain industry traction as well.”

Frugality in Fashion Amid Economic Slump (WWD)
“Never before has it been so chic to be cheap. And the looming threat of a double-dip recession means consumers aren’t about to abandon that mind-set anytime soon, according to industry observers.”

All Hail the Humble Espadrille! (IHT)
“Today, the Castañer factory, founded in 1927, creates luxury, high-heeled espadrilles for 15 designer labels… one of several family-run Spanish shoemakers who are capitalizing on traditional craftsmanship to carve an international niche.”

Ugly Battle Brewing Over Fashion Week (WSJ)
“Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week could be burdened by a decidedly inelegant accessory during its inaugural run at Lincoln Center: a picket line… the union will hold an emergency board meeting on Tuesday morning to discuss its options..”

Vice Magazine’s Shane Smith Grows Up (Just Enough) (NY Times)
“To hard-partying urban readers, he is a voice of a generation of too-cool D.J.’s and artists who wear rolled selvedge jeans and chunky glasses. But he is also a conduit for corporate America to reach that elusive audience.”