Britain’s shopoholics, Music and fashion viral synergy, Downing talks trends, D&G exits Japan, Beker for The Bay

Westfield Shopping Centre London | Source: Westfield London

‘Shopaholic’ Brits amass £24bn debt during downturn (Guardian)
“Despite the financial constraints, women have carried on copying the lifestyles and shopping habits of their idols and ignoring the debt they are racking up in the process.”

Music and Fashion: Looking for Viral Synergy (Time)
“Such forethought is key in a shoot like this, which is not a commercial nor an artwork nor a fashion shoot nor a music video, but a hybrid of all four — an exercise in content creation that is designed to summon up that most elusive of things: a digital video that will go viral.”

Dolce & Gabbana To Close D&G Shops In Japan (Luxuo)
“The decision to regroup in Japan.. also underlines the ground-shift in purchasing patterns in Japan, where consumers are increasingly focusing on mid-range clothing lines and other fashion items.”

Neiman Marcus’ fashion director talks trends (Canadian Press)
“If women are skeptical that they will be wearing a frothy shirt of lace beneath a tailored pantsuit or shoes trimmed with feathers this fall, they shouldn’t be…. [Downing], Neiman Marcus’ fashion director, has been digesting designer offerings.”

Beker’s affordable chic (Montreal Gazette)
“For Jeanne Beker, the Canadian fashion television pioneer, the most exhilarating change she’s seen in 25 years of covering the international style scene is what she calls the democratization of fashion. Now, Beker is getting in on [the] act with her own affordable line for The Bay.”