Made by Prada, Wearable luxury, Longchamp shines, Building a digital flagship, Japanese patterns

A "Made In Scotland" Prada skirt | Source: NY Times

Throwing Down the Gauntlet (IHT)
“‘Made in Italy’ — who cares? It’s not a brand strength if you have to defend your work’ says Ms. Prada…’Mine is a political statement and it comes from a personal appreciation of originality.’”

Milan fashion shines in wearable luxury (Reuters)
“Italian fashion designers created shimmering, fluid looks for their 2011 spring/summer collections, mixing fringes and lengths to seduce women as conscious of their bodies as of their money.”

Longchamp Predicts 2010 Sales Jump (Plush)
“Longchamp, one of France’s leading handbag makers, will beat its own expectations for 2010 thanks to a strong influx of tourist shoppers, strength in Asia and a rebound in the United States.”

How To: Build a Digital Flagship (Fashion’s Collective)
“For brands, rather than establish microsites for campaigns, like we would physical pop-up shop locations, creating a digital flagship allows the website to be the main hub for all brand communications.”

Making magic with Japanese patterns (Telegraph)
“If you are an ace dressmaker, looking for a whole new dimension in your cutting and sewing, make sure you get yourself a copy of Pattern Magic… a thoroughly inspiring and fascinating new book about Japanese pattern cutting.”