Tom Ford’s glamorous coup, Turning up the value, Playgrounds as runways, Measuring social content, The Céline factor

Tom Ford by Terry Richardson | Source: Tom Ford

Glamorously, Tom Ford Is Back (NY Times)
“Explaining why he didn’t allow pictures, Mr. Ford said that fashion had become overexposed in recent years… ‘I want fashion to be fun again… You couldn’t wait to get the clothes and put them on, and I think we’ve lost that.’”

Luxury-Goods Firms Turn Up Volume on Value (WSJ)
“Luxury-goods retailers are coming to grips with the reality that ‘aspirational’ shoppers, who blew open the high-end market by stretching their budgets during the boom, aren’t coming back any time soon.”

Turning Playgrounds into Runways (Bloomberg)
“Dressing their kids in designer gear is a guilt-free way for fashion-focused parents to indulge their own penchant for following trends… It makes them feel good.”

Facebook adds ‘social context’ ad metrics (Biz Report)
“Facebook advertisers are being given more insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns. The social network has introduced new metrics focusing on the ‘social context’ of ads.”

New York Fashion Week | The Céline Factor (T Magazine)
“How much of the Céline designer Phoebe Philo’s tailored conceptualism, her hand with stripped-back superhot sportswear, would find its way into American clothes remained to be seen.”