Bling is back, Zegna profits grow, Armani interactive, Augmented reality marketing, Chinese models rising

Bono and Ali Hewson for Louis Vuitton | Source: Louis Vuitton

Bling is back (The Economist)
“The strength of the recovery was a surprise…. Big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermès are the main winners. With their deep pockets, they were able to continue to open new shops and invest in the business during the crisis.”

Zegna Sees Sales, Profit Growth (Bloomberg)
“Sales will grow ‘well above 10 percent’ this year, led by Zegna’s biggest market of China and exceed the 870.6 million euros ($1.22 billion) generated in 2008…. [while] margins are improving, 2010 profit will be below the 62.3 million euros.”

Giorgio Armani draws focus to eyewear line via interactive video site (Luxury Daily)
“Armani’s Frames of Life campaign Web site lets consumers make their own customized video ads by piecing together different clips of content, or create print ads from screen grabs of the Optical Collections’ main campaign video.”

Potential Marketing Opportunities in Augmented Reality (Fashion’s Collective)
“As yet another element to consider in a marketing strategy, this begs the question, should augmented reality be part of a brand’s budget, and what are the benefits and concerns involved?”

Chinese models hit runways around the globe (CNN)
“When the willowy Liu Wen stepped onto the runway… she finally began to see a parade of models who looked increasingly like her: This fall, major design houses featured a number of Chinese models in fashion weeks as part of a bid by the firms to boost their sales in China.”