Reinventing Savile Row, Luxe boom to slow, Marc Jacobs’ chinoiserie, Elite buyer reviews, Boys to men

Savile Row Street Sign | Source: JD Traveler

Reinventing Savile Row (WWD)
“Faced with constant pressure from the bottom end of the market, such as low-cost operations that claim to offer ‘bespoke’ goods… and the top end, in the form of slick designer labels… Savile Row’s tailors had a choice —evolve or go extinct.”

Luxury goods boom set to falter (FT)
“The US and Asia have been behind an unexpectedly strong recovery in luxury spending this year but sales are expected to slow in 2011… partly due to the dollar continuing to weaken against the euro and because of the strength of sales in 2010.”

Marc Jacobs’s Chinoiserie: Obsession or Opportunism? (Jing Daily)
“Beyond the playfulness and glam, reviewers clearly picked up on the Asian influence, seeing it as an acknowledgement of the growing industry influence of China and other Asian countries, or perhaps a play for their consumers.”

Luxe Lowdown: Sites Begin to Invite Buyer Reviews (WSJ)
“More than a decade after book and electronics retailers embraced online customer reviews, the most elite stores in the U.S. are opening their websites—and the brands they sell—to the slings and arrows of public opinion.”

From Boys to Men (NY Times)
“It’s also, like comfort food, about the economy…Look back to movies during the Depression, and all you saw was real guys like James Cagney. In tough times, people want a strong man.”