China’s homegrown luxe, Loro Piana’s lotus love, Social engagement, Neiman Marcus extension, Katrantzou wins

Shang Xia Cashmere | Source: Shang Xia

China’s homegrown luxury: Talking with Jiang Qiong Er (CIB)
“What does it mean to create a Chinese luxury brand from scratch? Jiang, artistic director and CEO of Shang Xia… does not bat an eye as she returns her answer: ‘I had a dream to bring about a renaissance of traditional Chinese craftsmanship.’”

New Luxury Frontier: A $5,600 Lotus Jacket (WSJ)
“Lotus jackets could further burnish the brand, which stresses textile innovation. As it competes with lower-cost production of wool and cashmere from China, Loro Piana has introduced other superluxury natural textiles, such as vicuña and so-called baby cashmere.”

Neiman Marcus Joins Borrowers Tapping Rally to Extend Loans (Bloomberg)
Neiman Marcus Group Inc., the luxury retailer owned by private-equity firms, is offering to pay lenders more interest to extend maturities by three years on a term loan as it works to refinance $2.88 billion of debt.”

How luxury brands can move the needle with social marketing (Luxury Daily)
“No one-size-fits-all solution exists, but brand marketers need to sit down and think seriously about overall marketing strategies and which social media platforms would be the best complements.”

Katrantzou’s Crown (Vogue UK)
“[Mary Katrantzou was] named the winner of this year’s Swiss Textiles Award. The Greek-born designer… beat off stiff competition from fellow designers Jason Wu, Duro Olowu, Adam Kimmel, Juun J and Damir Doma.”