Considered consumerism, Affordable luxe gains, How online private sales work, Mobile blueprint, iPad’s future

Haberdashery at Liberty | Source: At Liberty Magazine

Mary Portas: from fast fashion to a more considered consumerism (Telegraph)
“Three things have contributed to this: the financial crisis, the environmental situation, and the digital revolution… our obsession with fast fashion killed much of what was great about the British high street: experience, service and specialisation.”

Sellers of affordable luxe set for share price gains (Reuters)
“Many U.S. shoppers of middling means are once again indulging in pleasures like leather handbags… [are] giving investors an opportunity to reap rewards in mid-tier luxury providers.”

How Online Private Sales Work and How Businesses Can Get Involved (Mashable)
“In the world of private sales, it’s first come, first serve, so having a head start over most people can really help. But how do these sites work? And how do they turn a profit selling a $500 dress for $150?”

A blueprint for luxury brands to go mobile (Luxury Daily)
“Luxury marketers need to work with ad agencies, ad networks and mobile marketing and commerce firms to begin incorporating mobile into multichannel efforts in time for the upcoming holiday season.”

My iPad Magazine Stand (Subtraction)
“There’s still a lot that we don’t know about the iPad and its forthcoming competition, particularly about how user behavior will evolve as these devices become more integrated into daily life.”