The future of heritage, Luring Chinese consumers, Contradictory market reports, Asos profits soar, Pugh to Pitti

Gucci "Forever Now" Campaign | Source: Gucci

Heritage Luxury: Past Becomes the Future (IHT)
“The subject of heritage is red-hot because, faced with fierce global competition, brands have to decide which way to go: back to the comfort zone of craftsmanship and quality…fast forward into the world of live screening and e-commerce; or a delicate balance between the two?”

In China, the Lure of Patrimony (NY Times)
“When it comes to attracting China’s new wealth, the challenge for some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands is figuring out how to appeal to a consumer base that is constantly evolving and is, in many ways, very different from traditional markets in the West.”

The Luxury Market: Contradictory Clues (Luxist)
“[Included are] highlights of the Fall 2010 Affluent Market Tracking Study, #18, as well as some controversial results from Unity Marketing, and Bain & Co. These results and trends are diverse, arguable, and contradictory, pretty much mirroring the state of our economy right now.”

Asos continues to defy market gravity (Independent)
“The online boutique posted a 59 per cent rise in first-half profit which, even in boom time, would be impressive, but given the current climate is nothing short of miraculous.”

Gareth Pugh to show at Pitti in Florence (The Cut)
“The video [that Pugh] screened at the last Paris fashion week brought new energy to the discussion on the use of multimedia technologies in fashion. So we had all the right reasons for inviting Gareth Pugh to Florence and Pitti, where there is plenty of space for fashion experiments.”