Fashion’s self-obsession, Burberry bid talk, Prada IPO delayed (again), Fashion-Business faux pas, Open Vogue

Vionnet, Then and Now | Source: PSFK

Is  Fashion In Danger Of Going The Same Way As The Ad Industry? (PSFK)
“Sharing the inner workings of the business and marketing of fashion is pop culture these days, behind the scenes interviews, makings of, documentaries, buy from the runway etc. Cleverly marketing the marketing of fashion in consumer culture, or, an industry talking to itself?”

Burberry bid talk continues despite price label (FT)
“Could the company, best known for its red, black, tan and white check, be as desirable to a corporate acquirer as its aviator jacket was to the fashion pack? Shares in Burberry have risen almost 13 per cent since the start of the month on speculation that it could be the subject of a bid.”

Dealtalk: Doubts devil Prada IPO plan (Reuters)
“Catwalk favorite Prada’s hopes of being the first European fashion house to strut its stuff on the Hong Kong stock market could be delayed by pressure to split the listing with hometown Milan.”

10 Biggest Fashion-Business Faux Pas in 2010 (BNET)
“In 2010, fashion businesses made missteps in everything from design to manufacture and sale — and if you were here, you were there. From management decisions in questionable taste to mystifying merchandising, we singled out the truly awful in hopes there won’t be a repeat performance in the new year.”

Vogue Italia Opens Its’ Doors (Fashionista)
“Opening our magazine to people is just to give them the chance to meet persons working in fashion, how we work, where we are and our offices…Why should seeing each other take away the mystery?”