Getting Facebook right, Chinese talent crunch, Stella returns to Russia, Trying again in India, Thakoon one-on-one

Louis Vuitton Facebook Page | Source: Facebook

Why Some Of The World’s Biggest Brands Still Don’t Get Facebook (Forbes)
“Just because a brand has big marketing prowess or is known globally doesn’t necessarily mean it’s active or even gets social media–namely Facebook, that is.”

Luxury Brands Hobbled By Poor Management (Jing Daily)
“As major luxury brands continue their march into China’s second- and third-tier cities in an attempt to tap increasing spending power, many companies are finding their progress in these markets stymied by a management ‘talent shortage.’”

Stella McCartney’s Russian return a boutique affair (Reuters)
“The comeback, via a partnership with TSUM, was more subdued than the grand opening of McCartney’s own store in 2007, which closed after only 18 months when the financial crisis halted Russia’s seemingly insatiable demand for expensive clothes.”

Top brands reconsider India strategy (Fashion United)
“Some top international fashion and lifestyle brands which exited the Indian market during the economic downturn are returning to India, albeit with revised business strategies, more suited to the Indian environment.”

One-on-one with fashion designer Thakoon Panichgul (Globe and Mail)
“The fashion arena is verging on overload when it comes to ambitious young designers with a point of view and a passion to succeed. But every once in a while, one does manage to break through the din of excess and not only get noticed by those who matter, but woo the world with a sartorial sensibility that’s both arresting and right for the times.”