Bespoke inflation, Chinese seek experiences, Barneys’ latest hire, H&M and Elin, Missoni’s Museum of Everything

Indochino Bespoke Suit | Source: Gear Patrol

Why Dressing Well Is Costing More (WSJ)
“The culprit is the rising price of fabric. Cotton prices climbed a record 91% in 2010, and the price of crossbred wool hit a 14-year high in October, up 50% over 15 months… But higher material costs are only part of the story: Increasing demand caused by rising affluence is another.”

New Experience Economy to Drive China Luxury in 2011 (Red Luxury)
“Consumer demand for luxury experiences generally lagged the demand for luxury goods, but the time line in China is much speedier. Luxury demand for experiences is expected to occur almost simultaneously with that of luxury goods.”

An Editor Goes to Barneys, but Not to Shop (On the Runway)
Dennis Freedman, the former creative director of W, has a new job: creative director of Barneys New York. As part of the continuing changes made by Mark Lee, the retailer’s new chief executive, Mr. Freedman will be responsible for overall creative direction of the store.”

Fashion Blogger Snags next H&M Collaboration (Financial Times)
“After the much-publicised sell-out success of their pre-xmas collaboration with Lanvin, high street megalith H&M has announced their next partner: Elin Kling, a Swedish fashion blogger and stylist. The bloggers have moved from commentators to creators.”

Outsider Art Finds Its Place in Fashion (IHT)
“The Museum of Everything’s exhibition of artifacts from historic fun fairs, old amusement arcades and folk art using taxidermy to create surreal scenes of human domestic life is the backdrop of Missoni’s latest fashion campaign.”