Bryanboy’s blogging trajectory, Eco-denim fades, Speaking Shang Xia, Men’s e-commerce, eBay’s fashion voice

Bryanboy | Illustration: Moises Quesada

Blogging from Manila to Milan (WSJ)
Bryan Grey-Yambao, a 24-year-old Filipino based in Manila, began blogging from his parents’ home in Manila in 2004. He is one of the biggest names among a new, increasingly influential crop of fashion bloggers — with their own commercial contracts, front-row seats at fashion shows and multipage spreads in magazines.”

In Eco-Jeans, the Green Becomes Harder to Spot (New York Times)
“Two years ago, when going green was red-hot in the fashion industry, there were plenty of organic jeans to choose from. Today, none of the brands do. Which raises the question: Where has all the organic denim gone?”

Jiang Qiong Er, Shang Xia’s CEO & artistic director (Luxury Society)
“Beyond the industry’s collective marvel at the foresight of the firm to bolster its export of Hermès goods into China by inventing a domestic Chinese luxury brand to boot, there is much more that the Shang Xia brand is destined to achieve besides just filling the Hermès coffers. Shang Xia’s visionary co-founder, Jiang Qiong Er, explains why.”

Forecast 2011: Menswear’s e-commerce success story (Monocle)
“With sales having increased by 11.4 per cent over the first two weeks of November 2010 alone, e-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in retail. And, this year it’s the men’s market that will see the greatest change.”

eBay Takes a Page From the Glossies (New York Times)
“[Andrea] Linett began a new job this week as the creative director of eBay Fashion. One of her responsibilities is to enliven the experience of online shopping at a site that often feels more like a digital flea market.”