The crowdsourcing debate, Suits in Paris, Couture alive and well, Prada to decide on IPO, Berlin Fashion Week wrap-up

Fashion Crowdsourcing Panel at DLD (DLD Conference)
“The Fashion Panel was all about the use of crowdsourcing for fashion brands. Vanessa Friedman moderated the talk with Natalie Massenet from the online luxury fashion retailer Net-A-Porter, who shortly before won the Aenne Burda Award, the Creative Adviser of H&M, Margareta van den Bosch and Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU. The main discussion focussed on whether the customers still want strong curators or prefer bringing in their own ideas and designs.”

Mad Men! Romancing the Suit (IHT)
“In tailored suits and noble coats, a whole new generation is finding an antidote to casual sportswear. It is as if the cast of ‘Mad Men,’ the cult television series based on a New York advertising office in the 1960s, had migrated to the men’s shows and been re-branded for the 21st century.”

Couture Isn’t So Dead, After All (Fashionologie)
“How many articles have been written heralding the imminent death of couture? But after Alexander McQueen reported that its custom order business is profitable last week, executives across the board seem optimistic about the state of couture.”

Prada Said to Decide on IPO (Bloomberg)
“Prada, the Italian fashion company that has scrapped initial public offerings four times in 11 years, may decide to proceed with an IPO by the end of the month… An announcement could follow as early as February.”

Berlin’s fashion scene struts into the future (The Local)
“Berlin is seen as the up and coming place for new designers, this is the second Fashion Week that we’ve been to and you can see that it’s progressed even since last year… Things are growing here from season to season.”