The Spotlight | Jordan Askill

Horse Sculpture | Source: Jordan Askill

LONDON, United Kingdom — Listening to Jordan Askill speak about his intricate jewelry is something like listening to a fantastical storyteller who magically transports you to a mythical, far away land, filled with surprise and beauty at every turn.

“I don’t feel there is any reason to create something without a real purposeful story that can at least resonate at some emotional level,” says Askill, a former assistant designer to Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme, where Askill first honed his very precise luxury sensibility.

Askill’s high-concept jewelry designs — each one the result of a multi-faceted creative process incorporating organic sculpture, handcrafted materials, and cutting-edge technologies — create genuine emotional connections with luxury consumers drawn to the stories embedded within each and every piece.

For Askill, the creative process begins with his own sculptures. “Every shape in the jewelry is made using the sculptures, but I try to find a way to augment it,” he explains. “I like the idea of using the exact sculpture because it’s kind of like going back to the original source, like a piece of jewelry or stone.”

Using 3D scanning technology to capture the physical dimensions of his original sculpture, he digitally manipulates, replicates and reinterprets the original shapes into striking jewelry designs, which are produced in collaboration with craftsmen in London’s Hatton Gardens jewelry quarter and a small factory in Upper Clapton.

Animals also play a prominent role in Askill’s designs. “I have this idea of animals being able to protect you. I was always dreaming with these animals, always trying to create something else out of them,” he recalls.

“Animals like swallows have a universal connection with people. People want to buy the horse sculpture because they are equestrian artists. They want to buy the panther pieces because there is something rough, raw…”

This month, Jordan’s stunning panther ring sits proudly in our BoF Spotlight, just as he begins the real push on his secondary line, Jordy by Jordan Askill, which will include a close collaboration with Opening Ceremony this year.

We wish Jordan the best of luck, although from the sounds of his growing list of prestigious stockists — Liberty and Matches in London, Colette in Paris and Opening Ceremony in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo — he probably won’t need it!

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