Accessible Neiman Marcus, NYFW’s many platforms, Luxury deals, Charlotte Olympia, Rosita Missoni speaks

Akris Punto Spring 2011 at Neiman Marcus | Source: Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Opens Customer Door Wider (WSJ)
“With its extravagant Christmas catalog and the wealthiest customer base in American retailing, Neiman Marcus Group has, for more than a century, earned its snob appeal. But after a recession that cost the company $1 billion in annual revenue, the new chief executive officer, Karen Katz, is on a mission to make the chain a bit more inclusive.”

More Than Meets the iPhone Lens (NY Times)
“Like media and entertainment, fashion now unfolds across several platforms… [presentations] drew top retailers but also a throng of enthusiastic young people, many of whom look at the clothes through their cameras or cellphones with a concentration seldom warranted by ’70s-style sportswear with an English twist.”

U.S. luxury sector getting ready for more deals (Reuters)
“Wall Street bankers, the ultra wealthy and even upper middle class shoppers are once again snapping up diamond rings, $10,000 handbags and designer gowns, priming the U.S. luxury sector for more deals.”

The ’40s Footwear Fashionista (WSJ)
“Her sky-high, colorful creations have made Ms. Dellal’s brand, Charlotte Olympia, a current favorite with fashion folk… her company, which bears Ms. Dellal’s first and middle names, is growing: sales doubled this autumn/winter season from the summer season before.”

60 Seconds With: Rosita Missoni (WSJ)
“At 79, the matriarch of the Missoni clan, Rosita Missoni, is a force to be reckoned with. Though she stepped down in 1997 as head of the iconic knitwear line that she started with her husband Ottavio (Tai) over half a century ago, placing her daughter Angela at the helm, she couldn’t stay idle for long.”