As seen on screen, Managing materials, Milan bounces back, Vuitton hires to meet demand, Chasing youth in London

Nick Robertson, CEO of ASOS | Source: Retail Week

Fast fashion for fast consumers (FT)
“Critics have consistently tried – and failed – to turn [ASOS’s] growth story into something resembling the tale of the emperor’s new clothes. Online fashion would never take off, they said… In 2007, non-UK sales made up 10 per cent of the company’s annual retail sales. Today, it is 44 per cent.”

Materials Girls: Designers Trim Hemlines, Costs (WSJ)
“Bad weather in major producing regions, tight supplies and inflation have pushed prices of cotton to new, all-time highs. The cost of silk, wool and leather has also soared…. Having survived the recession, designers and retailers are wary of trying to pass along price increases to skittish shoppers.”

Italian fashion houses bounce back for Milan shows (Bloomberg)
“Milan Fashion Week kicks off Wednesday with a celebration of Italian flair fuelled by Asian spending power and a love of conspicuous excess. After New York and London, fashionistas and buyers from over 37 countries are set to flock to Italy’s financial capital.”

Vuitton Said to Hire 700 Leather Workers (Bloomberg)
Louis Vuitton… may hire as many as 700 leather workers this year to cope with rising demand… Additions will be made at factories in France, where about 70 percent of Vuitton’s leather goods are produced, as well as in Spain and California.”

When Youth Is the Holy Grail (IHT)
“Growing up is hard to do, when youth is the holy grail of British fashion. Seats are filled with imaginatively dressed young Londoners, who are design inspirations even before the show kicks off. And while other European capitals are short on fresh talent, the focus of the London scene is the ‘New Gen’.”