Finding new fashion faces, Touitou sounds off, Time in-store decreases, Record sales at Prada, Waris the polymath

The Clarkes's office collage of client snapshots | Source: WSJ

A Different Kind of Girl Scout (WSJ)
“The Clarkes may be located far outside the world’s fashion capitals but they are among the most successful independent scouts, occupying a vital link on the fashion industry food chain. Top agencies in New York and abroad rely on the couple’s uncanny ability to identify beautiful people at gas stations, Dairy Queens and high school gymnasiums and make them into high-fashion models.”

A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou Speaks His Mind (Hint)
“‘I’m sorry to say there’s too much corruption involved in Fashion Week. I won’t take part in it. My days are very full doing what I’m doing. I don’t want to deal with model agencies. Power conversations with model bookers makes me sick. Those people, they talk to you as if you’ve known them for 40 years, but you don’t know them at all.’”

Increased use of Web may mean less time in-store (Luxury Daily)
“‘Upscale consumers are highly sophisticated in the way that they search for products and service information online as opposed to non-luxury consumers… The way they search is a combination of peer advice and professional content from publishers and brand Web sites.’”

Prada dressed to impress for IPO with record sales (Reuters)
“Catwalk darling Prada, which plans to become the first European fashion house to float in Hong Kong this year, said retail expansion and a booming Asia market lifted sales rose to a record in 2010.”

Introducing Waris Ahluwalia, New York’s chicest Sikh (Telegraph)
“Waris Ahluwahlia is one of New York’s many polymaths. He’s a designer, actor, artist, fashion muse, style icon and story teller. He’s also one of the few Sikhs here to be called a man-about-town – women adore him – and is photographed at the chicest events wearing a custom made Savile Row suit, pocket square, Indian cashmere scarf and a turban.”