Joys of journalism, Impact of Egypt crisis, UK’s Chinese appeal, Lacroix’s fairytales and furniture, The Leifsdottir story

Daisy Lowe on the cover of the March 2011 ASOS Magazine | Source: ASOS

Online retailers discover the joy of journalism (FT)
“‘Mail-out magazines are a great way to create a shop floor for online retailers when they don’t have a physical space… Journalists have a different skill set. They know how to engage the readers, and engage communities of readers.’”

Egypt crisis has effects on luxury market (CPP Luxury)
“The current ongoing turmoil in Egypt has brought a complete hault to the country’s feeble luxury market. Stores such as Burberry, Ferragamo… have remained closed since the debut of the crisis.”

What Harrods and Torres can do for Britain (FT)
“We do not have to stand helpless before people’s fear of foreigners. They can be persuaded. British businesses and universities have begun to make the case for a confident, forward-looking approach to the outside world. It is time the government did so too.”

Fairytales and furniture for Christian Lacroix (Telegraph)
“Firstly, he has collaborated with the young, British author, Camilla Morton… by illustrating a fashion fantasy/fairytale… Equally romantic and fantastical will be Lacroix’s new furniture collection, which will be launched at the Milan Furniture Fair in April.”

A Brand Where Storytelling Is Part of the Design (NY Times)
“Urban Inc… has quietly segued into a higher-end market with Leifsdottir, a Scandinavian-inspired brand sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s that is achieving a kind of stealth success with trendsetters and shoppers alike.”