LFW delivers drama, America’s got talent, China’s blingdom, Gilt considers IPO, Fashion and immigration

L-R Issa, Topshop Unique, and House of Holland | Source: IHT

Catherine Versus Kate (IHT)
“The marriages this year of Kate and Kate — the future Princess Catherine and the rock-on model Kate Moss — are stirring excitement in Britain… [LFW] is doing its best to deliver. As the liveliest city in the lineup of autumn 2011 show locations, there are designers to suit every need, from royal wedding to Goth glamour.”

America’s got talent (FT)
“The British may be invading the American media – from Anna Wintour to Piers Morgan – but there’s a reverse invasion happening too. In recent years, American brand and retail executives have become hot properties for British luxury brands with an eye on global expansion.”

The Middle Blingdom (The Economist)
“Many Chinese people still remember the days when luxury meant a short queue for the toilet at the end of the street, or a bus conductor who wasn’t excessively rude. Before the economy opened up, a chic suit meant one with the label of a state-owned factory sewn ostentatiously on the sleeve. How times change.”

Gilt Groupe Chief Considering I.P.O. in 2012 (NY Times)
“Mr. Ryan said Gilt was on track for a major round of fund-raising in the first half of this year and he’s considering a public offering in 2012 — though he was not certain the company would pull the trigger. Gilt’s last financing round valued the company at almost $500 million; the next round is expected to be significantly higher.”

Mayor Bloomberg and fashion industry leaders call for reforms (IBT)
“Eleven leading designers, retailers, wholesalers, and entrepreneurs from the fashion industry have joined the Partnership for a New American Economy…  New York City…. has over 165,000 undocumented immigrants, accounting for 5.5 percent of the City’s workforce and 31 percent of its manufacturing jobs.”