Old is new again, China at the fore in 2020, Investing in Italy’s jewels, A virtual fit, Cat in the hat is back

The women of AMC's Mad Men | Source: AMCTV

This Old Thing? Actually, It’s New (NY Times)
“‘People used to laugh at me when I tried to sell these kinds of clothes when I started’… said Alicia Estrada, 39, founder and chief executive of Stop Staring!… the pioneer in reproduction vintage clothing. ‘Now my clothes are sold in 40 countries and more than 1,000 boutiques.’”

Dipped in gold, China to be world’s top luxury market by 2020 (Reuters)
“Rising affluence after years of solid wealth creation, and a steady transition from a saving to a spending culture will see China become the world’s largest luxury goods market over the next decade.”

Italy jewelry’s glitter lures foreign investors (Reuters)
“Cash-rich investors from emerging markets could follow U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett in buying top quality but crisis-hit Italian jewelers, attracted by good bargains and the export appeal of ‘Made in Italy’ brands.”

Is it curtains for changing rooms? (Independent)
“The problem is I can just never tell whether the outfits that look so alluring online will look good on me, because I can’t try them on. And I’m not alone… between 15 and 40 per cent of clothes (different stores have different rates) bought online are returned.”

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (NY Times)
“The hat went the way of the dodo. Social historians are divided about the cause of the sartorial die-off, although an often repeated canard attributes it to President Kennedy and his rarely covered thatch of luxuriant hair.”