Outerwear in focus, Wisdom of crowds, Artisanal touches, Condé Nast Newsstand, Carine Roitfeld on fashion’s future

L-R Altuzarra, Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung | Source: Style.com

Addicted to Love (IHT)
“New York Fashion Week seems to be ‘Addicted to Love,’ as the sound track puts it. But a new generation of twentysomething designers has a tougher, less hearts-and-flowers way of dealing with romance, and more fashion sense about practical needs for the autumn 2011 season after the current harsh winter.”

The ‘in’ crowd (FT)
“Forget dictating the trends, these days brands are throwing the ball into the consumer’s court. Crowdsourcing – allowing your audience to decide on your product via social media, forums, and high-tech web customising programs – has become the buzz phrase in fashion.”

Luxury retailers shine a spotlight on their artisans (Globe and Mail)
“In a post-recessionary retail landscape, this human touch – be it a stitch, a seal or a stamp – can go a long way toward suggesting and reinforcing value. And it’s a major attitudinal shift from the days when companies simply splashed bigger, bolder logos across a luxury good.”

Condé Nast Newsstand Tries Convergence of Technologies (NY Times)
“A newsstand set to open here next week will sell more than a dozen international editions of Vogue magazine, in languages including English, Russian and Chinese. Visitors will be able to browse through digital versions of these and other publications on iPads tethered to sleek plastic tables.”

The Future of Fashion, Part Seven: Carine Roitfeld (Style File)
“She has already exerted an unmistakable influence on fashion… first with the porno-chic aesthetic she co-authored in the nineties as a stylist for Mario Testino and Tom Ford, then… later, with her provocative, photo-driven, decade-long tenure at Vogue. Now everyone is speculating about her next act.”