The Ugg story, Gianfranco Ferré offer, CFDA’s new model rules, Measuring emotional response, Bling unzipped

UGG's Women's Classic Short Sparkles | Source: UGG

The story of Ugg (Telegraph)
“Clumpy or comfortable, hideous or heaven-sent, few shoe styles have proved as divisive as Uggs. The boots – originating from Australia – have outlasted all forecasts of their demise, and rocketed to ubiquity as one of the footwear industry’s biggest success stories of the past decade.”

Offer Submitted on Gianfranco Ferré (Fashionologie)
“Gianfranco Ferré might have another savior on the horizon. A Milan-based source revealed that Paris Group, a Dubai-based fashion distributor and franchisee in the Middle East, has submitted an offer for the bankrupt brand.”

CFDA: Handle With Care (Vogue UK)
“Diane Von Furstenberg has issued new guidelines on behalf of the CFDA… The recommendations stipulate that healthy meals and snacks should be provided backstage for models – and that no designer should hire models under the age of 16 in a catwalk show.”

New Technology Measures Emotional Responses to Web Videos (Mashable)
“Affectiva, a commercial rendering of MIT’s FaceSense technology, was originally dreamt up to help… better understand emotion. The founders now see the potential of opening their emotion measurement technology for market research, product testing and development, clinical use and other academic purposes.”

Jewelry: Unzip the Bling (IHT)
“A tour of the Place Vendôme on ‘Jewelry day’ last week showed that there were two contrasting themes that echo the wider world: technology and nature. For high jewelry, made almost entirely by hand, technology is still part of the process, as computers are used to develop images and calculate geometric patterns.”