From Brazil, 5 Emerging Talents to Watch

Selected by: Rosane Ribeiro, Vogue Brasil and Rubens Gomes, Co-Founder of Choix

Brazilian-born, London-based knitwear supremo Lucas Nascimento trained with the likes of Giles Deacon and Jonathan Saunders before launching his own line at Fashion Rio Autumn/Winter 2010, to critical acclaim. “Lucas is the most promising new star, but shows the maturity of a veteran,” said Rosane Ribeiro, Vogue Brasil’s fashion correspondent. “His sophisticated and intricate work is young, sensual, sculptural yet extremely chic. His catwalk show could be placed anywhere in the world.”

In December, Mr Nascimento landed his first stockist — the innovative concept store Choix in São Paulo, which also stocks international names like Comme des Garçons Play alongside up-and-coming Brazilian designers. Rubens Gomes, co-founder of Choix, says he decided to stock the designer “for his talent for creating impeccable forms and silhouettes. With every collection, Lucas establishes himself as one of the most creative designers of his generation.” Rubens added that the collection is selling well, with mini skirts and dresses among the key pieces. “Lucas’ career is very promising; he has the potential to show at the London or Paris fashion weeks,” he said.


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  1. So much buzz over Pedro Lourenco and I’m not blown away. At all. Why the hype, fashion flock?

    Thanks to the BoF for an interesting read.

    Anjo from San Francisco, CA, United States
  2. Great post highlighting some inspiring talent coming from this part of the world! Am totally addicted to the Born in Brazil blog too!

    Suz from London, London, United Kingdom
  3. Thanks for the insight into an under-reported region.

    With fashion becoming increasingly homogenized globally, it would be interesting to see what Brazilian fashion is doing differently. Do they have a more accepting attitude to plus-sized body shapes for example? The catwalk images shown would suggest not.

    Feeel from United Kingdom
  4. Oh, if only things were as good as they seem…

    Mirela from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  5. Great complement to BOF’s earlier piece on the Brazilian fashion industry. Always hearing about “Brazil boom” this and “economic growth” that – as though abundant natural resources are all it takes to generate a credible fashion industry (Russia?). Really great to read something that highlights the creativity and commercial acumen of the designers themselves. Brazil has cultural depth and a passion for aesthetics as well as deep-sea oil.

    Krash from United Kingdom
  6. what would be the point for brazilian fashion to care for plus-sizes, dear Feeel? that is the mission for societies which really carry a plus-size population.

    stella from São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil