Quotable | Sir Paul Smith says Doing Business in Japan Requires Deep Cultural Immersion

The key to my success in Japan has been the sheer love and enthusiasm of going there…I was immediately willing to go two, three, four times a year. I had to understand how it was all working…immersing myself in the Japanese way.”

Paul Smith, speaking to the UKTI about how to do good business in Japan, where Mr. Smith has built a retail network of more than 200 stores, now constituting the lion’s share of a global business with estimated annual sales of more than £300 million

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  1. I don’t think spending a couple weeks of the year is really immersing yourself in a culture Sir Smith… entering a market with enough financial muscle to buy into your locations correctly is perhaps where the success was founded.

    moi from Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
  2. ” financial muscle ” – ha ha, so right!!!

    suki from London, London, United Kingdom
  3. why so negative moi & suki?

    don’t think he had the sort of financial muscle he has now when he first entered the japanese market.

    long term approach, willingness to listen, desire to learn and hard work more like it – things that are missing from so many new businesses.

    andy from Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom
  4. I agree that financial muscle is a must and the right location as well as the right merchandise!

    yotsaton from United States
  5. Way to go Sir smith I wish I had the skill :)

    Michael Davis from Davis, CA, United States