Christopher Bailey: Tech Mate, Galliano’s final exit, Future of Dior, Impact of influence, Gaga walks for Mugler

Christopher Bailey by Nick Knight | Source: American Vogue

Christopher Bailey: Tech Mate (American Vogue)
“Let us consider Christopher Bailey, the man at the helm of Burberry, a pioneer of all things digital in the fashion industry…a company that he and CEO Angela Ahrendts sketched out on a napkin at lunch in 2006. As Bailey was re-creating the look and feel of Burberry, Ahrendts went to work on the business, turning an overgrown licensing operation into a global retail company to astounding success.”

Galliano’s Departure From Dior Ends a Wild Fashion Ride (IHT)
John Galliano’s departure as design director at Christian Dior brings to an end a wild fashion ride, in which grace, glamour and shock, in equal measure, sent the once conservative Parisian house leaping forward both in its image and its financial success.”

Galliano Case Tests Dior Brand’s Future (NY Times)
“The firing of Mr. Galliano, 50, a one-time punk stylist whose soaring imagination helped turn Dior into a multimillion-dollar brand, was the expected culmination of one of the strangest episodes in recent fashion history.”

Influence Metrics Make It Harder for Traditional Publishers to Survive (Ad Age)
“Page views, ComScore uniques and click-through rates (CTRs) only tell part of the story when it comes to online ad effectiveness. Vogue might attract nearly 600,000 monthly uniques but how many of them were actually influenced by the Hermes roadblock that ran for two days?”

Lady Gaga to walk for Thierry Mugler at Paris Fashion Week (Catwalk Queen)
“It has been confirmed – Lady Gaga will walk in Nicola Formichetti’s debut womenswear runway show for Thierry Mugler in Paris.”