Louis Vuitton fetishized, Americans in Paris, Musical partnerships, Canadian counterfeits, Restoin-Roitfeld speaks

Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2011 Details | Source: Style.com

Louis Vuitton in Full Fetish (IHT)
“‘Fetish’ was the subject for the designer Marc Jacobs, an inspiration that he said backstage came from thinking about the ‘irrational desire’ for Vuitton accessories. They included strokeable fur purses and a new ‘lock-it’ bag, to provide privacy for a woman and her fetish object… there has not been such a racy and saucy LV runway since Mr. Jacobs sent out nurses’ uniforms [back in 2007].”

The Americanization of the Rue St.-Honoré (NY Times)
“Muffy and Binky are advancing on Paris. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hilfiger, are in the Woodie bringing up the rear. To the list of unmistakably American brands that in recent years have established beachheads on the Rue St.-Honoré, the main drag of Parisian chic, Michael Kors has now added his name.”

How Luxury Brands Can Benefit From Musical Partnerships (Adrants)
“These arrangements… can offer significant mutual benefit. For marketers, it provides an opportunity to create an overall brand lifestyle experience for their target audience that captures their attention, cuts through the clutter and garners an emotional connection that permeates the consumer psyche beyond the ‘buy now’ response.”

Sellers of fake luxury goods face millions in damages (Vancouver Sun)
“It’s being described as the largest case of knock-off luxury goods being sold in Canadian history, and the individuals involved are potentially facing more than $2 million in fines and damages…. The damages are being sought by lawyers representing Louis Vuitton Canada Inc. and Burberry Canada Inc.”

‘Fashion has to change’: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld interview (Telegraph)
“At 30, Roitfeld is almost ancient in modelling years and blessed with the sort of womanly curves that too rarely make it on to the catwalk. Her demeanour is soft, almost demure, but when she talks about fashion and diversity she steps up a gear into stridency. ‘Fashion hasn’t changed enough yet. There’s too much a stereotype of beauty.’”