Made in Africa, Londoners debut in New York, Sparkling provenance, Italian protectionism, Cartier’s leading lady

Suno Spring/Summer 2011 | Source: Suno

Into Africa (Telegraph)
“Made in England; made in Italy; made in China. These are familiar labels in our clothes and accessories. But how about ‘made in Kenya’, stitched into the lining of a Vivienne Westwood handbag? Or on the swing tags of Matches ‘hot new collection, Suno, with its juicy mixes of colour and print?”

For New Stars of London, a New York Debut (NY Times)
“Among the world fashion capitals, London has historically taken pride in the brash creativity demonstrated by its designers, the latest crop being no exception… Creativity only gets you so far, however, and it certainly doesn’t make surviving in fashion any easier.”

Crowning Jewelry (WSJ)
“Owning a stunning piece of jewelry is a sensorial experience, but when it’s also a piece of history, that feeling is magnified… The sale of the Windsor jewels illustrates the continued spectacular demand for fine jewelry with provenance – a demand that has not been dimmed by financial crisis and recession.”

Italian industry must look beyond protectionism (FT)
“Why does a country such as Italy, with its talent in luxury goods and craftsmanship, not have a global luxury group to match LVMH and PPR in France, or Richemont in Switzerland? Italian industry needs vision more than patriotism.”

At Cartier, Designer Promotes Philosophy of Sharing (NY Times)
“Probably fewer than a hundred women work in the upper management… and the master watchmakers who happen to be women can be counted on one hand. It can therefore come as something of a surprise to learn that a woman is behind some of the most innovative watch designs to come to the market in the past few years.”