Menswear goes formal, Gap for the people, Burberry’s digital China, E-commerce gains, Students rent the runway

E. Tautz Spring/Summer 2011 | Source: E. Tautz

Menswear’s Formal Acceptance (WSJ)
Jeremy Langmead, editor in chief of the recently unveiled men’s retailing website Mr Porter, thinks the tailoring turnaround heralds a return to the desire for rules. ‘If you have parents who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, they already rejected all the rules where dressing was concerned. This is a new generation who is interested in learning how to tie a Windsor knot. You can’t rebel by wearing the clothes your dad wore.’”

Gap Seeks to Freshen Itself as a ‘People’s Brand (WSJ)
“Remember when Gap advertising was entertaining and effective… Yes, and remember the Clinton presidency? It may be an exaggeration that the Gap division of Gap Inc. has had no outstanding marketing since the 1990s. But Gap has been struggling for years to figure out how to attract younger consumers as well as win back those who have stopped shopping there.”

Burberry To Join China’s Digital Revolution (Jing Daily)
Burberry has intensified its digital push into China to match its brick-and-mortar offensive, launching official accounts on four Chinese social media platforms (Kaixin001, Douban, Youku, Sina Weibo)… their April 13 fashion bash in Beijing set to include virtual image technology that combines live models, animated footage and holograms, music performances, and live-streaming via”

Ecommerce up 16 percent year-over-year (Luxury Daily)
“‘As fuel prices rise beyond the $3.50 per gallon mark, miles driven begin to drop off substantially, giving shoppers more incentive to stay home… More generally, consumers are becoming more comfortable with the online shopping experience… We see this not just with luxury, but also with clothing and footwear, where generous return policies have made it easy to exchange items.’”

Fashion 101: Rent The Runway Targets Students (WSJ)
“Now that Facebook and cellphone photos record every outing, no woman wants to wear the same outfit… This is fertile ground for Rent The Runway, a year-and-a-half-old company that rents designer dresses and jewelry to women—and increasingly, to girls. College campuses—and even a few elite prep schools—make up roughly 25% of the company’s business and are a big source of its growth.”