US malls’ occupancy crisis, Japan quake impact, Ad pages up, McQueen’s Savage Beauty, Enigmatic blog July Stars

Vacancy rates | Source: Reis

Malls Face Surge in Vacancies (WSJ)
“Even as the economy picks up steam, many of the nation’s malls and shopping centers are suffering a hangover due to changing consumer habits and the fallout from a massive building boom. Mall vacancies hit their highest level in at least 11 years in the first quarter… In the top 80 U.S. markets, the average vacancy rate was 9.1%, up from 8.7%.”

Japanese retailers give first taste of quake profit impact (Reuters)
“Seven&I Holdings [and] Fast Retailing will give investors a chance to gauge how the March 11 earthquake will impact consumer spending when they report earnings… Apart from damaged stores, retailers are also having to cope with a post-quake shift in spending habits. Urged to curb unnecessary spending in television ads, shoppers have eschewed non-essential and luxury items and stocked up on basics.”

Ad Pages Rising (WWD)
“Up is still the new up for magazines. Ad pages rose 2.5 percent in the first quarter of this year, which represents the fourth straight quarter the magazine industry has seen an increase… Making a strong comeback in the first quarter, Vogue finished with the most ad pages among women’s fashion magazine.”

A first look at ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ (Telegraph)
“The haunting holographic image on the front of the catalogue is evocative and mesmerising… a vivid representation of the dual nature of the late British designer, Alexander McQueen, and a perfect interpretation of ‘Savage Beauty’, the contradiction in terms which has aptly been chosen as the title of the exhibition… which will honour his compelling, disturbing and brilliant work.”

Fashion Love Story: Jaja Hargreaves, a.k.a. July Stars (Full Frontal Fashion)
“The enigmatic Jaja Hargreaves has been delivering romantic ‘visual stories’ through her beloved blog, July Stars, immediately winning devoted fans for her words and images while realizing a latent talent for photography…. revolving around fashion, photography, art, and writing, is exciting and original: a genuine expression of the sublimely interesting and multifaceted Jaja Hargreaves herself.”