Celebrating Savage Beauty, PPR to buy Volcom, Personalisation start-ups, Cardin ready to sell, Trendspotting business

The Costume Institute's Savage Beauty | Source: Courtesy

Alexander McQueen in All His Dark Glory (IHT)
“The exhibition, which celebrates Mr. McQueen’s wild, unfettered and dark imagination: gothic Victoriana, dresses tufted with blood-red feathers, decorated with dying flowers or rattling with clamshells. The weird, wonderful accessories alone send a tingle down the spine.”

PPR to buy Volcom for $607.5 million (Los Angeles Times)
“Richard Woolcott, Volcom’s chief executive, called PPR the ‘perfect partner’ to take the brand to the next level. Volcom designs and distributes surf, skate and snowboard clothing and related products for young men and women under the motto ‘youth against establishment.’”

Sites That Send Shoppers What They Might Like (NY Times)
“The sites are the latest example of retailers inventing new ways to shop online… these shopping clubs aim to filter the seemingly infinite options online and show a small selection, catered to an individual’s taste.”

Pierre Cardin Ready to Sell His Overstretched Label (WSJ)
“At 88 years old, Mr. Cardin says he wants to sell his business to ensure it outlives him. ‘I want to sell it now,’ Mr. Cardin said in an interview in his corner office overlooking the French presidential palace. ‘I know I won’t be here in a few years and the business needs to continue.’”

Trend-spotting is the new £36bn growth business (Telegraph)
“In an era of social media and hyper-connectivity, trend forecasting is becoming more and more important for business. And it is therefore also becoming a big and highly competitive business.”