Clare Waight Keller in at Chloé, Brand before designer, Supermodels over, Minkoff’s success story, Mom knows best

Clare Waight Keller | Source: Chloé

Hannah MacGibbon out, Clare Waight Keller in at Chloé (Telegraph)
“Chloé have announced via their Twitter feed and a statement on their website, that Hannah MacGibbon is set to leave the label she has headed up since 2008, to be replaced by ex-Pringle of Scotland designer Clare Waight Keller.”

In fashion, the brand plays on (LA Times)
“A trend toward the further depersonalizing of brands [is] in the future. ‘The last thing you want to do is have your brand tied to a personality, especially in an industry where bad behavior is the norm.’ Brand identities will be crafted around heritage and associations rather than a designer personality.”

The End Of The Supermodel (Forbes)
“Looking at the most recent models list, it’s clear to me that successful models are now even more removed from Hollywood. Most of them are not household names… The supermodel era, as it was defined two decades ago, is dead. In its place, however, there’s a more interesting model—one that has more in common with Wall Street than Hollywood.”

How a Young Fashion Designer Stands Out in a Crowded Market (Entrepreneur)
“When Rebecca Minkoff co-founded a New York-based luxury handbags company in 2005, her goal was to develop a high-quality product that was both practical and sexy. What she didn’t expect — especially in the competitive fashion industry — was that sales would rise so quickly.”

For These Designers, Mom Knew Best (NY Times)
“In ‘The Importance of Being Earnest,’ Oscar Wilde wrote: ‘All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.’ Fashion designers get around this problem by incorporating their mother’s way of dressing into their work. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, several shared their primal style memories.”