Lunch with Carine, Jimmy Choo sold to Labelux, Transeasonal Inditex, Digital China, Denim for deep pockets

Carine Roitfeld by Terry Richardson | Source: Terry Richardson

Lunch with the FT: Carine Roitfeld (FT)
“Roitfeld, 55, has built a career on being cool. She made her mark as a stylist in the 1990s, when she and the photographer Mario Testino created risqué campaigns for Gucci… [As the editor of French Vogue] she became one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry, famous for edgy, sometimes controversial and frequently erotic photo shoots.”

Jimmy Choo sold to Labelux for £500m (Guardian)
“Its killer heels are de rigueur for Hollywood actresses on the red carpet – and this weekend luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo was sold for an A-list price tag of £500m…. Labelux’s other investments include Swiss luxury brand Bally and the Derek Lam fashion label. Its chief executive Reinhard Mieck said it saw “substantial potential” for the brand, particularly in Asia.”

Inditex breaks new ground for seasons in the south (FT)
Inditex… has become the first global retailer to sell fashion lines designed especially for the seasons of the southern hemisphere… for clothes retailers based in the northern hemisphere, the seasons of the south have traditionally presented a barrier to full globalisation because of the complexity of producing specially-tailored winter lines at the same time as summer wear.”

China’s luxury consumers get their information online (Relax News)
“70 percent of the country’s consumers of luxury brands search the internet each month before making their purchases. What’s more, 30 percent claimed they searched online for information on luxury items each week. But, surprisingly, just five percent of those polled said they were actually interested in making a purchase over the internet.”

Jeans for deep pockets (FT)
“Major fashion labels such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Balmain and Roberto Cavalli have created luxury jeans, some costing well over £1,000… ‘The market for designer denim continues to grow and has no limits. For so many of the fashion collections, their most sought-after pieces are in the fabric.’”