Pops of coloured denim, Rampant cost-cutting, Beckham’s new game, Smart men’s fashion, Ahrendts’ right stuff

Pops of coloured denim | Source: mamasarollingstone.com

Blinded by Brights (On the Runway)
“The fashion world took a giant leap into color this spring, and the denim makers were still offering vintage and classic washes, and a lot of other brands were displaying murky beiges and grays. Ew. And here in the middle of everything were J Brand’s exploding fuchsia, purple, vivid turquoise, bright red and lemon yellow.”

Cost-Cutting Is Rampant in Fashion (Bloomberg Businessweek)
“Retailers realize that they don’t have much pricing power with budget-conscious consumers these days. That’s why apparel makers are turning to “deconstruction” experts like Peter Brown, who shows clients how to tear garments apart and put them back together with cheaper and fewer materials.”

Beckham plays a new game (FT)
“Clothing, in other words, is the new fragrance, but with potential not just to add to a celebrity’s bank account, but actually bestow on them a new form of professional longevity. No wonder it has just been announced that Mr Victoria Beckham wants in on the act.”

Men’s fashion gets smart (Observer)
“Every well-dressed man’s wardrobe is a tribute to the influence of great British design. Here, three leading exponents reveal the challenges of creating clothes men really want to wear.”

Angela Ahrendts: Exactly the right material (Independent)
Angela Ahrendts, Burberry’s 50-year-old chief executive, has transformed the company since her arrival in 2006…still, there is an obvious irony about Ahrendts’ relentless drive to sell this vision of upmarket Britishness around the world – her own background isn’t particularly upmarket and it’s certainly not British.”