Post-recession rich, Granjon talks AmEx, Multitasking machines, Supergroup sales slow, New statement shoes

Rodarte Spring Summer 2011 | Source: Rodarte

Post-Recession, the Rich Are Different (WSJ)
“Bentleys and Hermès bags are selling again. Yet the wealthiest Americans are emerging from the financial downturn as different consumers than they were… What’s showing up in the latest research is a broad-based caution—a sudden aversion to salespeople, a tepid response to ads focused on brand images, and a new interest in price-shopping.”

Vente Privée Founder Explains AmEx venture (Business Insider)
“This is a tremendous opportunity. Amex is one of the world’s best brands, with 42 million card holders. We can combine our specific know-how with their reach… we have the same values around customer service, and creating great offers for members. We have been working on this project for over a year and a half, with thousands of pages of legal documents. It’s a big undertaking.”

A Stitch in Time… at the Speed of Smartphones (WSJ)
“New multitasking sewing machines strive to be as accessible as a smartphone. Modern machines have added decorative stitches, automatic threading and touch screens for easier use. There are smartphone apps for matching thread to fabric and software that digitizes embroidery designs. With the USB port on the latest embroidery machines, users can transfer an image from laptop to sewing machine.”

Supergroup shares hit as sales growth slows (BBC)
“Shares in Supergroup, the company behind the Superdry fashion brand, have slumped 23% after a slowdown in its sales growth… Its chief executive Julian Dunkerton said… the slowdown in sales was merely a blip, and that the firm was now looking at entering the Chinese market.”

The New Sirens of Statement Shoes (JC Report)
“As platforms and spikes have lined our closet floors, cobblers continuously prove that standing on a pair of uniquely soled shoes will never go out of style… Joanne Stoker and Lislie Yeung, two new statement-making designers, will readily compete with even your most prized Valentinos for space in the closet.”