Ralph’s American dream, Hermès battle continues, Flash sites a boon to new designers, Collecting time, Judith Leiber

Ralph Lauren in the early days | Source: V7 Web

Oprah salutes Ralph Lauren and the American dream (LA Times)
“So few people, in these starkly striated economic times, during which the barriers between classes have become more insurmountable than ever, get to traverse the chasms of culture and economy that have been leapt by Winfrey and Lauren.”

Hermès Ownership Battle Continues (Epoch Times)
“The controversial takeover of Hermès by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton has taken another turn, with minority investors challenging a French court’s decision to protect the company from being bought out.”

Flash Sale Site Competition Could Ultimately Benefit Designers (Thread NY)
“All of this competition could ultimately be a boon for up-and-coming designers with a less of a brand name… There are over 80 private sale sites in the U.S. today, which leaves a lot of e-commerce space to fill. More space means more opportunities for fashion’s rising stars.”

Relaunch of a Classic (WSJ)
“In a world where watches continue to grow in size and become more cunning in the way they display time, and the boundaries between jewelry and timepieces are increasingly blurred, one sector is beating on against the current: relaunched classics.”

Judith Leiber talks handbags and history (LA Times)
“Who would ever think that women would want to carry rhinestone-encrusted handbags shaped like anteaters or bunches of asparagus? Judith Leiber, that’s who… [her] sculptural minaudieres have been carried by first ladies to presidential inaugurations, and by celebrities on red carpets around the world.”