Scarves on the rise, An artisanal gap, Social networking for Chinese elite, Brazil drives growth, Thinking Pink

Liberty’s Scarf Styling Video: Film one, the halter top.

It’s a Turban, It’s a Dress: It’s a Scarf (NY Times)
“For so long, fashion was about the ‘it’ bag and the ‘it’ shoe. [But] it’s definitely about an ‘it’ scarf now’… In kaleidoscopic colors and patterns — tribal motifs, overblown peonies, cheetah spots, abstract skulls and awning stripes — they’re eye candy for a new generation.”

Luxury groups struggle to find artisans (Reuters)
“While many admired the elegance of the dress in which Kate Middleton married Britain’s Prince William last month, too few youngsters are interested in learning the skills required to make such garments… many brands struggle to keep up with demand for the lack of qualified artisans.”

A social network for socialist China’s lonely super-wealthy (FT)
“P1.CN, an invitation-only social network for urban affluent Chinese, has attracted 1.2m members. And its success seems to lie in a concept that reflects a class society… Prospective members must have a monthly income of at least Rmb8,000 – according to luxury market researchers, the threshold for an upper middle class lifestyle.”

Brazil on way to driving luxury growth, execs say (Reuters)
“Many luxury groups long refrained from building a big business in the country, deterred by Brazil’s high import duties, complex bureaucracy and lack of retail space. But in the course of the past few year years… [lured by] the rising purchasing power of the country’s middle class.”

It’s Pink, It’s For Men, It’s British, It’s Here (Scene Asia)

“British shirt maker Thomas Pink is the brand of choice for young accountants and lawyers in London. The company… has been peddling its British style to Chinese men since 2005… Chief executive Jonathan Heilbron sat down with WSJ’s Jason Chow to talk about men’s shirts, their customers and why British luxury brands are so popular in China.”

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  1. Loved everything about this video, though those people in that space she’s shooting at should cut her some slack! No walking around making all this noise and talking loudly, distracting her and the viewer.

    Said my piece, so now off to check on the other news stories…then off to trying that halterneck scarf trick myself.