China’s new woman, Gilt teams with GQ, The role of Resort, SuperGroup bid speculation, Gaultier lands in Montreal

Wonder Girls for Chloé | Source: Luxuo

In China, Women Begin Splurging (WSJ)
“‘Many people are inclined to believe that gentlemen are generously purchasing luxury gifts for women in China, but our observation is that the great majority [of the buyers] are women who have achieved great success in their business and are now rewarding themselves with the finer things in life.’”

GQ, Gilt Groupe Team Up on E-Commerce Site (Ad Week)
“Gilt Groupe’s Park & Bond, an upcoming online retail spin-off for men, will host a GQ online store that will feature items picked by the magazine’s editors. Starting with the September issue, the picks will be marked in the magazine as well as on, which will send shoppers to the e-commerce site.”

Resort isn’t a season for fashion to take a break (AP)
“The resort season is not a time for fashion to take a vacation. Resort collections, which hit stores during the all-important Christmas holiday shopping season, are a growing part of designer businesses as consumers move toward styles they can wear year-round.”

City speculates on Abercrombie bid for SuperGroup (Retail Week)
“US retailer Abercrombie & Fitch may be interested in acquiring trendy fashion retailer SuperGroup, City speculators believe… Shares in SuperGroup, which floated last year and subsequently rocketed, have fallen lately on fears of a sales slowdown.”

Jean Paul Gaultier lands in Montreal (Montreal Gazette)
“The object of the show… is to allow the public an up-close view of haute couture, which only those invited to the shows in Paris or the very few clients of haute couture in the world can see.”

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  1. Just so you are aware, the Wonder Girls are actually a South Korean pop group. Research, please!

    Katarina from Abu Dhabi, Abū Z̧aby, United Arab Emirates
  2. I see a lot of young Asian women around London buying like there is no tomorrow. You mention they are successful business wise. I am curious to see in what areas of work, as I have always had in the back of my mind this idea that China was a male-dominated society, so much so that the women are most likely reaping the rewards of their boyfriends/husbands work earnings. Maybe this comes from what I see with Russian and Arab women, as well as some western women who aren’t necessarily bread winners.

    Natasha Ndlovu

  3. Aahahahha..i was oing to say the same abouyt WG…I’ve been folowing them since 2009!! Journalists need to get the Asians sorted! Mixing up Chinese, Japanese, Soth Koreans and so on is not nice…just like they did at Vogue Uk, tagging two different Chinese models under the same name…BAD!

  4. uh… seriously? Since when WG was a Chinese group? Research BOF… RESEARCH…

    Claire Lee from Korea, Republic of