Emotional luxury, Sportwear rules in Paris, Authentic artisans, Luisa Via Roma’s new turn, Click chicks

Jewellery of ancient Greece: Gold myrtle wreath | Source: Hellenic Voice

What will be a luxury in the future? (BBC)
“The traditions of old luxury – the luxury of things – are awfully dull for new consumers. They want to be touched emotionally by their experiences, and there are new priorities, such as ethical concerns and sustainability.”

Sportswear Rules (IHT)
“Tailoring can be fresh in shape, color and texture. But in spite of the games designers play to juice up a suit — wider or smaller shoulders and lapels, or softer pants — the beating heart of men’s fashion is sportswear.”

Way Off the Runway (WSJ)
“The cachet once associated with owning a name-brand designer has been significantly diluted… This, combined with a post-recession wariness of conspicuous logo-flaunting and an eco-fueled desire for small-batch, low-impact authenticity, may be shifting the nature of luxury.”

Surprises in store at Boutique Luisa Via Roma (Independent)
“Boutique Luisa Via Roma has long been Florence’s fashion hub. Now it has opened its doors to the next generation of stylists…The bloggers are a new, independent voice; tomorrow they will hopefully become influential.”

Meet the click chicks! (NY Post)
Bianca Caampued, 26, and Mallory Blair, 22, have become the reigning prom queens of New York’s tech scene since launching their party-planning and marketing company — Small Girls PR— nine months ago. The duo.. throw the buzziest parties for the city’s tech scene.”