Galliano under pressure, Kim Jones’ African LV, Of rock and rags, Brazil takes centre stage, London’s luxe MBA

John Galliano | Source: Prittii

‘Too Much Pressure,’ Galliano Tells Court (WWD)
“John Galliano on Wednesday blamed work-related stress and multiple addictions for a series of public outbursts during which he is charged with uttering racist and anti-Semitic insults at a Paris cafe, but told a French court that he remembered nothing about the incidents.”

Out of Africa (IHT)
Kim Jones has started his new role as men’s style director at Louis Vuitton with a mission: to embrace, via the luxury label’s travel history, the craft and culture of Africa… the Kim Jones spirit, and creative personality, are now part of the Vuitton team.”

Rock and Rags Are Co-Stars (NY Times)
“Fairs like Glastonbury and Coachella were a magnet for music lovers, their raffish turnouts — floral dresses, parkas and Wellies — a postscript to the main event. But the Hamptons festival ( may well be the first planned from its inception as a platform for fashion marketing.”

Brazilian fashion: taking on Dior (FT)
“Although the event is now the world’s fifth-largest behind Paris, Milan, London and New York, Brazil is still a good deal away from cracking into international fashion. Indeed a lot of the effort goes into trying to hold on to luxury-hungry local shoppers and stop them buying foreign brands.”

London gets luxury MBA (FT)
“From champagne to handbags and designer frocks to yachts, the growing consumer demand for luxury goods has resulted in a growing number of management programmes to train managers… ‘This is a programme that is focused to reflect the very latest brand management thinking and developments within the global luxury sector.’”