Little luxuries, Prada’s rich valuation, Off-price Chinese portals, Gilt’s Park & Bond, The best of Tumblr

Lanvin Petite | Source: Courtesy of Lanvin

Little Luxuries: Designer Apparel for Children is the Next Big Thing (Forbes)
“Move over fast fashion collaborations, another way haute designers will reach more consumers this year is by crafting luxury clothing for the scooter set… Back to school will bring even more designer collections to the playground.”

Can Prada get away with a luxury valuation? (CTV News)
“The price range looks rich. The question is whether the voracious Chinese appetite for luxury brands will let Prada get away with a luxury valuation… [The IPO]values Prada at as much as 28 times the company’s estimated 2011 profit. Six other luxury-goods companies, among the LVMH and Burberry, trade at an average of 21 times forecast earnings.”

Luxury shopping websites offer China a cheaper alternative (Relaxnews)
“These canny operators have found a way to keep their nation’s brand-hungry consumers satisfied – and it involves buying older ‘out-of-date’ items from the luxury brands in Europe and the United States, and then selling them in China at prices way reduced from their original ones.”

Gilt Groupe to Launch Full-Price Men’s Retail Website (Just Luxe)
“Park & Bond will be the Gilt Groupe’s full-price men’s retail website that will launch in late summer this year. The upscale fashion portal for men will feature 80 luxury brands and cover multiple categories. The premise of the nomenclature is classic, timeless, hip and contemporary.”

The 11 Best Fashion Brands to Follow on Tumblr (Fashionista)
“It makes sense that fashion brands have glommed onto Tumblr. The microblogging platform’s highly visual nature is a perfect fit for fashion brands to showcase their identities in creative and subtle ways. Of course, some brands are much better at it than others. Here are the brands we think are using Tumblr best right now.”