Scoring on Twitter, Skirts and suits in Paris, Luxury goes local, Vuitton’s measured growth, China’s top twenty-five

Bernardo Huberman explains HP Labs research | Source: Youtube

Got Twitter? You’ve Been Scored (NY Times)
“Imagine a world in which we are assigned a number that indicates how influential we are… If your influence score is low, you don’t get the promotion, the suite or the complimentary cookies. This is not science fiction. It’s happening to millions of social network users.”

Skirting the Issue of Gender (IHT)
“Men in skirts or men in suits?… Out pop the same challenges every menswear season. But the gender play in the spring/summer 2012 Paris shows seems more intriguing. Designers are looking at a global market that includes cultures… where male/female garments are fluid.”

Emerging markets: luxury goes local (FT)
“Western consumers might be familiar with the first names in these pairs, but many will probably have never heard of the others. Yet wealthy consumers in emerging markets are increasingly facing a choice of whether to buy western brands as a status symbol or to opt for homegrown luxury.”

At Vuitton, Growth in Small Batches (WSJ)
“Nestled in the hills of central France, Louis Vuitton’s new factory—inaugurated Friday—expands the luxury label’s production capacity by 70 people… Vuitton’s growth over the years means it is constantly bumping up against its full production capacity.”

25 Influential Chinese In Global Fashion (Forbes)
“This year’s list of 25 influential Chinese in global fashion focuses on executives and entrepreneurs that are leading the charge. We include for the first time leaders at multinational fashion companies that are playing a crucial role in those foreign firms’ success in China.”