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Flaminia Saccucci Graduate Collection | Source: Flaminia Saccucci

LONDON, United Kingdom — This month, we shine the BoF Spotlight on print designer Flaminia Saccucci, whose symphony of printed latex garments — inspired by the sexiness of rubber, the masculinity of tyres and the feminine fragility of wild flowers — snagged her the L’Oréal Professional Young Talent Award for the best student collection at the Central Saint Martins BA graduate show a few weeks back.

Speaking with BoF, the young Italian described her aesthetic as “sharp, clean, but with a twist, and always balanced,” something which was particularly evident in the way her breakthrough collection harmoniously blended synthetic materials with natural florals.

But creating the collection was no simple task. Using a three colour separation screen printing technique to create the intricate floral prints and grappling with latex that can shrink during printing, Saccucci persisted until she achieved the effect she was looking for. Perfectly placing the tyre track prints was equally challenging. Saccucci’s perseverance in the print room seems to reflect her general work ethic. “You just have to never give up,” said Saccucci.

For this month’s Spotlight, Saccucci has personally embellished the BoF logo with a tyre track encircling a fresh pink tulip, her current collection’s two signature prints. “These are the two contrasting elements that best represent what my collection is about,” explained Saccucci.

Following her successful debut, Saccucci has been inundated with attention from talent scouts and buyers. But she is keen to consider her options carefully before making any major career decisions, such as starting her own label or joining a design house. “I’m so young, this is just the beginning — I don’t want to take the wrong step, because I want this to last,” she explained. “When you’re in such a fortunate position of having all these possibilities, you want to make the right choice.”

While Saccucci is not currently receiving any professional business or career advice, preferring to seek out opinions from those she trusts and make her own decisions, she has racked up some substantial real-life experience with a series of internships at Balmain, Viktor & Rolf, Alberta Ferretti and Alexander McQueen.

Saccucci also has a refreshing a sense of humility, despite being critically acclaimed at just twenty five years old, admitting that her passion for design stems from creating toilet paper dresses for her dolls when she was a little girl. Indeed, she seems firmly focused on the quality of her work, rather than the hype surrounding it. “I never expected to win the L’Oréal award,” she said incredulously. “I had this dream of making the press show, but I didn’t even think of prizes!”

Saccucci intends on using the cash award to advance her career, perhaps by seeking further education or establishing her own label, later on in life. Whichever path she chooses, we wish Flaminia Saccucci the best of luck and eagerly await her next collection, whether it’s crafted from toilet paper, latex or lustrous silk.

The Spotlight is BoF’s showcase for emerging talent who employ creativity and business acumen to make their mark in the fashion business. This month’s Spotlight was written by Charlie Byrne, an M.A. student in Fashion Journalism at Central St. Martins and an editorial intern at The Business of Fashion.

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  1. I find this collection gorgeously contrasted! I particularly love the design in the center.

    Alisia from United States
  2. Eventually a new and unprecedented idea in the fashion world! Look forward to your new creations. You can tell there is a cultural background. Congratulations Flaminia!

    Michela from Turin, Piedmont, Italy